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peep show

It was so hot and humid today so I had all the window open wide and there was no way I could stand to have anything on.  So I’m sitting on the couch polishing my toes and I just felt like someone was watching me and I looked out the window and I saw the blinds in the window across the way moving. I didn’t think much of it at first but when I looked again, the blinds were shaking and that’s when I figured it out. My peeping Tom was at it again. He’s an older guy that I’ve caught staring at me a few times but now it seems he’s doing more than looking so I decided to give him a little peep show;)

I went into my bedroom and grabbed my toy and I went right to the window and started to suck it in a very seductive way. I noticed that the shaking of the blinds stopped but I kept going. I knew he was still there but I guess he was being a little gun shy. I kept sucking and licking it. I turned around and bent over to give him a good look at my ass. I was really getting into it because I was quite horny anyway. Then I turned around to face the window again and there he was, with his blinds open, completely naked! He was stroking his cock and fuck, it was huge!

All of a sudden, the tables had turned and I was watching him. I couldn’t stop looking. He gestured for me to put my toy in my pussy and I did. The harder he stroked the harder I pushed it in. The next thing I knew, I was convulsing in the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a long time. When I recovered, I looked at the window again and he was gone but he used his cum to make a big smiley face on the window. I have a feeling that I may be the one watching instead of the one being watched from now on;) I have to say, I’m looking forward to the next show.

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Kandi sex toy

Love my new Sex Toy

It’s the weekend and all week long I have been dying to break in my new mini pussy massager sex toy.  I came home, ran into my room and started undressing in front of my full length mirror. I couldn’t help admiring how smooth and soft my body looked. I wanted to watch myself play.

So, I moved the mirror closer to the bed and laid back and opened up my legs. I could see how wet I had gotten and felt myself ache. I started rubbing my swollen pussy lips in slow circles while the other hand squeezed my perky tits and hard nipples. I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached and turned  on my massaging sex toy to the highest speed, placed it right on my clit. I jerked and arched up.

I continued to finger my wet pussy in a frenzy and came, hoping my roommate didn’t hear me but at that point I didn’t care. Catching my breath, I smiled and  knew that it is going to be a GREAT weekend.  : )