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young desires

I wanted to share this with someone, so here I go, I came home got undressed an I stood in my mirror looking at myself, I felt a familiar tingling. I closed my eyes and started to think about my crush on Sarah’s father, Sarah is my best friend. I knew he was interested in the thought, but I was his daughter’s young friend.

Earlier this day, I had noticed him quietly watching my every move as we baked cookies for our school bake sale. I was not uncomfortable with wanting stares, I felt just the opposite. I felt especially cute in my new white top and my new black and red plaid mini skirt. The skirt hit right where my cute round ass started. I decided to show it off by reaching across the table for a warm cookie. Giving Sarah’s Dad a glimpse of my tiny G-string and a peek of my pussy. (OOPS)

I knew from the look on his face, he enjoyed the view. It actually made my pussy twitch with desire so, I quickly excused myself and went to the bathroom. I mean, I was thrilled he noticed me, but now what? Lol.

I closed the bathroom door, rolled my warm panties down and let them drop to the floor. How sexy was it to be this close to my desires. As I started touching myself, a knock at the door startled me, it was Sarah’s Dad asking if everything was ok? I jumped, sheepishly answered yes, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and opened the door. His eyes met mine, I brushed by him, and rushed back down into the kitchen but without my panties. I wonder if he found my token of his desires. Right now, I just can’t help but smile.

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peep show

It was so hot and humid today so I had all the window open wide and there was no way I could stand to have anything on.  So I’m sitting on the couch polishing my toes and I just felt like someone was watching me and I looked out the window and I saw the blinds in the window across the way moving. I didn’t think much of it at first but when I looked again, the blinds were shaking and that’s when I figured it out. My peeping Tom was at it again. He’s an older guy that I’ve caught staring at me a few times but now it seems he’s doing more than looking so I decided to give him a little peep show;)

I went into my bedroom and grabbed my toy and I went right to the window and started to suck it in a very seductive way. I noticed that the shaking of the blinds stopped but I kept going. I knew he was still there but I guess he was being a little gun shy. I kept sucking and licking it. I turned around and bent over to give him a good look at my ass. I was really getting into it because I was quite horny anyway. Then I turned around to face the window again and there he was, with his blinds open, completely naked! He was stroking his cock and fuck, it was huge!

All of a sudden, the tables had turned and I was watching him. I couldn’t stop looking. He gestured for me to put my toy in my pussy and I did. The harder he stroked the harder I pushed it in. The next thing I knew, I was convulsing in the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a long time. When I recovered, I looked at the window again and he was gone but he used his cum to make a big smiley face on the window. I have a feeling that I may be the one watching instead of the one being watched from now on;) I have to say, I’m looking forward to the next show.

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kandi sex image

My roommate had her boyfriend over last night, I could hear them having sex with their bodies slapping hard against each other as I laid on my bed studying.  It sounded so HOT! I got up to see if I could catch a glimpse of them in action.

I crept toward her door, and to my surprise it was cracked. I couldn’t help myself, I stood there in the doorway and watched. I found my fingers slowly rubbing my clit. I loved how his hard cock glided with ease in and out of her pretty wet pussy. Mmmm, that sound of wet pussy gets me every time. I wanted a taste of her wet pussy juices on his cock.

Squeezing my tit, I caught myself moan with delight a little loud. Scurrying back to my room, I laid back and closed my eyes thinking of them. My breath got quicker and I came at the same time as he screamed her name. Wow! I smiled and thanked them silently. Yes, it was good for me too. LOL


Lorna guided masturbation

Hot Guided Masturbation session

As a dominant woman I attract the types that have a need to be told what to do. It always pleases me when I hear from one of my callers that want nothing more than to do naughty things for me. One of my favorites sent me a special Mother’s Day tribute last weekend before calling me just to show how much he loves his time with me.  He likes guided masturbation while imagining that I’m touching myself in front of him. I can hear his excitement when I tell him how I’m squeezing my tits together and opening my legs so he can see how wet he makes me by stroking for me.  He loves when I tell him how to fast, slow, hard, or soft to stroke his cock but most of all he loves it when I make him taste. Yes, this naughty boy makes sure there is nothing to clean up when it’s all done…..because I said so:)