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My roommate had her boyfriend over last night, I could hear them having sex with their bodies slapping hard against each other as I laid on my bed studying.  It sounded so HOT! I got up to see if I could catch a glimpse of them in action.

I crept toward her door, and to my surprise it was cracked. I couldn’t help myself, I stood there in the doorway and watched. I found my fingers slowly rubbing my clit. I loved how his hard cock glided with ease in and out of her pretty wet pussy. Mmmm, that sound of wet pussy gets me every time. I wanted a taste of her wet pussy juices on his cock.

Squeezing my tit, I caught myself moan with delight a little loud. Scurrying back to my room, I laid back and closed my eyes thinking of them. My breath got quicker and I came at the same time as he screamed her name. Wow! I smiled and thanked them silently. Yes, it was good for me too. LOL


sex workout

My hot sex workout with a personal trainer

Monday was a really nice day and it got me thinking that I really need to start getting ready for beach weather. At the gym I attend, there was an ad for a personal trainer for hire. I took the flyer home and called. On the other end of the line was a nice guy who sounded harmless and  eager to do what he does best. He said, he would be happy to meet me for a free consultation. I made the appointment for the following day and took a shower to ready myself for a relaxing evening.

The next day, right on time, my buzzer rang and standing at my door was the most beautiful board shouldered hard body I had ever seen! I know he could tell I was pleasantly surprised. How could he not miss my sensitive nipples get hard through my white T-shirt as I caught my breath to ask him to come in. “Where did he come from?”, I whispered under my breathe as my pussy twitched.
He came in, sat down, and began his spill about motivating his trainees. I was not listening to a word he was saying. I was stuck on his dimples, lips and yes the outline of his thick cock in his pants. I tried  not be so obvious, I mean, all I could imagine was myself, jerking those pants down, kneeling in front of him, and putting his thick hard cock in my mouth! I needed and wanted him. I wanted to show him “how I like to workout”. I wanted his cock deep in my throat and in my wet pussy now!
He caught me looking, smiled, and continued to tell me what was expected of our session. My expectations were so much different. How can I get him to bend me over and pound me hard? I looked deep into his eyes, moved closer and kissed him. Yes, I  seized the moment! I am young and you only live once. LOL
I can’t wait to have another sex workout with him again.

Lorna guided masturbation

Hot Guided Masturbation session

As a dominant woman I attract the types that have a need to be told what to do. It always pleases me when I hear from one of my callers that want nothing more than to do naughty things for me. One of my favorites sent me a special Mother’s Day tribute last weekend before calling me just to show how much he loves his time with me.  He likes guided masturbation while imagining that I’m touching myself in front of him. I can hear his excitement when I tell him how I’m squeezing my tits together and opening my legs so he can see how wet he makes me by stroking for me.  He loves when I tell him how to fast, slow, hard, or soft to stroke his cock but most of all he loves it when I make him taste. Yes, this naughty boy makes sure there is nothing to clean up when it’s all done…..because I said so:)


Mya sexual encounter

Friendly Sexual Encounter

How Hot is this……I got a text from a friend and he said he wanted to drop by and hang. I texted back “sure”, and he replied that he was standing outside. I quickly buzzed him in.
I opened the door and he pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I closed the door and looked into his eyes while he undid my jeans and jerked them down and grabbed my bare ass. “I need you NOW!” he said.  I closed my eyes  and backed up to the couch. Pushing me down,  he opened my legs and sucked hard on my pussy.
Smiling, I knew what he really wanted,  he wanted to turn me around bend me over and plunge that hard cock deep in my pussy doggy style. Yes, I wanted that too. Knowing what  makes him cum hard, I pressed my ass toward him. He loves watching my round ass bounce. He slapped it, I winced and came. He continued to pound me  until he screamed “Oh Babes” and exploded.  MMMM, a hot sexual encounter is just what I needed to start my weekend.

Kandi sex toy

Love my new Sex Toy

It’s the weekend and all week long I have been dying to break in my new mini pussy massager sex toy.  I came home, ran into my room and started undressing in front of my full length mirror. I couldn’t help admiring how smooth and soft my body looked. I wanted to watch myself play.

So, I moved the mirror closer to the bed and laid back and opened up my legs. I could see how wet I had gotten and felt myself ache. I started rubbing my swollen pussy lips in slow circles while the other hand squeezed my perky tits and hard nipples. I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached and turned  on my massaging sex toy to the highest speed, placed it right on my clit. I jerked and arched up.

I continued to finger my wet pussy in a frenzy and came, hoping my roommate didn’t hear me but at that point I didn’t care. Catching my breath, I smiled and  knew that it is going to be a GREAT weekend.  : )